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How to store the folding tent after use?



After using the folding tent, let it be exposed to the sun and rain? In fact, this approach is not correct. If you want to use it for a long time, you need to store it.

1. After the folding tent is used, if the tarp is stained with water, it cannot be stored immediately. It should be dried in a ventilated place, otherwise it will cause mold on the tent.

Second, the storage place of the folding tent should be dry, so as to prevent the growth of mold, if there is a tent bag, it should be placed on the tent.

3. Do not place folding tents at will, do not put them together with sharp objects, let alone put heavy objects on them, and put them upright.

The above points are sorted out by the staff of Yuehan based on the experience of the people coming over, and I hope to help you.