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What should I do if the folding tent is stained with dust?



Outdoor tents can be used all-weather all year round as outdoor products, and there is no time limit.

But outdoor tents have been used for a long time, and many people will reflect that they are stained with dust. What should I do? Personally feel that although it does not affect its normal use, it still needs to be cleaned for beauty.

1. The principle of the tent is different from that of the clothes. It cannot be washed in the washing machine, which will cause damage.

2. Warm soapy water should be used for cleaning the tent. Brushes should not be used. Scrubbing can be used to clean areas that are particularly dirty.

3. During the tent cleaning process, the tarpaulin cannot be dragged to the ground to avoid damage.

4. After the tent is cleaned, it cannot be stored immediately. It should be dried in a ventilated place; but it cannot be exposed to the sun, which will accelerate the aging of the tarpaulin. (If the tent is stored before it is dry, it will cause mold on the tarpaulin).