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Attention to the use of advertising tents



The frame of the advertising tent is made of multiple aluminum tubes, so the following points should be noted during use:

1. When loading and unloading the advertising tent, please handle it lightly, don't throw it away.

2. Be careful when opening the package, don't blindly scrape with a knife, it is easy to cause the tarpaulin to be scratched.

3. When stacking, it should be placed upright and not stacked, to prevent the top of the cloth from being accidentally crushed and torn.

4. Before using the advertising tent, you should check whether the screws at the cross tube are tight.

5. When it is found that any one of the advertising tent frames is bent or deformed, it should be stopped immediately and repaired, and the operation can be continued after the fault is removed.

6. When the advertising tent is used for outdoor display operations, special attention should be paid to wind protection. When the guards leave temporarily, the feet of the advertising tent should be lowered to the first section. That is: the inner feet are retracted into the outer feet to effectively prevent wind force Destruction.

7. In the operation of several tents in a row, the adjacent tent legs between the advertising tent and the advertising tent should be tied with a cable tie or rope to make it a whole to strengthen its wind resistance.

8. Do not use tape to tie the two tent legs, otherwise the residue of the tape will seriously affect the up and down sliding of the sleeve on the foot of the advertising tent.

9. After using the advertising tent on rainy days, the tent cloth must be dried in the sun to avoid mildew and affect the use.