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How to put away the folding tent?



Folding tents will not be used for a long time, they should be put away and stored in a dry place. You don’t know how to put away the tent? ? How exactly does it withdraw?

1. It is best to operate two tents at the same time.

2. Empty all the items in the tent and see if there is any heavy object tied to each bracket. If possible, put it away.

3. Check whether there is any abnormality in the folding tent bracket. The spring buckle that supports the tent should be buckled in the eye of the square tube; release the spring buckle from the eye of the square tube and operate each bracket in turn.

4. The two stand opposite each other, respectively holding the two supports in their own direction, and at the same time moving in the direction of the other side, so that the tent is folded.

5. Uncover the four corners of the tarpaulin and tear off the Velcro; the tarpaulin should be wiped dry if it has water marks, and if it is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one.

6. When the folding tent is folded to 70%, it can be laid flat on the ground; but pay attention to the cleanliness of the ground and not to stain the tarpaulin.

7. Pack each bracket and push the inner tube forward. (If it is an iron frame, pay attention to moisture, and if it is an aluminum alloy, pay attention to whether it is compressed.

8. The tent is folded to 100%. It should be erected and placed in a dry place.

As long as the above points are done, the folding tent can be withdrawn.