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How to choose a folding tent?



New products are launched and you want to buy a batch of promotional tents for use in promotional activities. How do you choose them? Is it considering its price, size or other?

I believe you have doubts, this answer will be answered by Yuehan tent manufacturers!

1. Choose the size according to the placed items. There are 2mX2m, 2.5mX2.5m, 2mX3m, 3mX3m, 3mX4.5m, 3mX6m, etc. in tent manufacturers in Guangdong and Han.

Second, choose your own material, the top cloth has 420D, 600D, 800D, the bracket is mainly made of aluminum alloy.

3. Determine the printed content according to the characteristics of the product, whether it is a simple slogan, purchase method or product design.

4. Considering the quality, a good tent should be able to cope with changing weather, the tarpaulin can resist tearing, and the bracket can not be easily bent.